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About Music One

So where did it all begin?

The idea that Ireland had no music station catering for mature tastes has long been a bone of contention. There was also the fact that the existing FM stations seem to have reduced the amount of songs they play to the low hundreds and in some cases seem to have given up focusing on music at all. It's been a long time coming. We promise Proper music radio and we'll leave nothing out. The music we know you love and LOTS of it. We plan to grow with you so please let us know what you think in the poll on the right. We're all ears but we are especially interested in yours!!


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Our DJs

Mike Moloney

7am to 10am - Mon to Fri

Mike arrived on air in 1978 on ARD 257 then Radio Leinster, Radio Nova, KIIS FM and in 1984 off to Radio 2 for Back track, Night train and of course the famous "Moloney after Midnight". Year 2000 and Lite FM Dublin from launch then in 2004 moved west to Ocean FM. In 2006 Mike and his wife set up a succesful business and has dabbled in radio since.

Liam Quigley

In 1981 Liam got on CBC in Clonmel. Surely he can’t be that age you say, well his voice broke early at the age of 7!!!
From there it was like the circus.. Big L Limerick, ERI Cork, Energy 103 Dublin, Essex Radio, Nova UK, Viking FM Hull,Century Radio, 98FM, Heart London, Lite FM Dublin, 2fm, Radio Nova 100 and now...Music One Ireland

Dave Lyons

1pm to 4pm - Mon to Fri

Nickname at school: Teabags
Radio experience: Loads.....who cares!
Likes: Coffee (Lungo) Formula 1, Rugby, Netflix,all sorts of Muzak! and Gin...and beer!!
Hobbies: Knitting, Ballet,, Caber tossing,....and winding people up!!!
Status: Single, ready to mingle!....oops! sorry, wrong web page!!

Brian Walsh

4pm to 7pm - Mon to Fri

Galweigan Brian originally set up a radio station in his bedroom called Radio Renmore! He was on Atlantic Sound, WLS & Coast 103 in Galway. After working in London he returned to Galway to Galway Bay FM. He has presented on Today FM, RedFM, 98FM, Sunshine 106.8 and Radio Nova.Brian is involved with writing TV formats and is going to college in September to study advanced acting.

DJ Lee

6pm to 7pm - Every Friday

Nightclub DJ and host on RTE's “Like Now” and.”Spinoff”. Record promotions manager for EMI Ireland in the 70s. Wrote, produced and presented daily Dublin local radio shows for 15 years. Journalist for various publications including New Spotlight; Starlight magazines etc., plus seven years as Video movie reviewer/feature writer for Irish national Sunday Independent newspaper. .

Mick Mulcahy

10pm to 1am - Mon to Fri

With a pirate radio past Mick joined Cork’s 96FM in 1990 releasing 6 compilations of his very popular ‘Wind-Up’ phoney phone calls, 5 of which went Top 40 nationally. (And on sale in Cork, boy....)
He travelled Ireland as sidekick of Terence from the Gerry Ryan Show. His nautical pub tours of Cork have been enjoyed by the likes of Kirsty McColl and Rod Stewart.

Robbie Irwin

7am to 10am - Sat & Sun

From Pirate Radio through the launch of RTE Radio 2 as a producer to a producing role at Ireland's first Independent National Radio station Century in 1989 to a final role as a Sports Broadcaster/roducer at RTE TV & Radio Robbie has spent his years at the forefront of Irish Broadcasting. Now it's time for some fun on Music One.

Chris Barry

10am to 1pm - Mon to Fri

From RTEs Ourtimes in the 70s to pirates like ARD and Capitol Chris's big break came when he joined Radio Nova.Then to Monaco and Riviera Radio. He went legal with Capital Radio (now FM104) where his late night talk show was a hit with as many listeners as 98fm ,Radio 1 and 2FM combined. Chris left the Talk show world and now only does Radio for pleasure.

Bob Conway

1pm to 4pm - Sat & Sun

Bob began on the radio as a DJ spent some years piloting and reporting to the Ian Dempsey Breakfast show on 2fm from the eye in the sky. He's been on Lite FM, Today FM and more recentlyon East Coast Radio. We think he'll be very comfy at Music One.

Lisa G

4pm to 7pm - Sat & Sun

Radio has always been my first love..don't tell the fella!!. I've been doing it all over the place for years. I'm delighted to be joining this band of merry men to bring you proper music radio.
Anything else ya wanna know just ask.
Oh and I love a corny joke...Why did the chicken cross the playground? tune in to find out!!

Roddy Cleere

7pm to 10pm - Sat & Sun

Winner of ’Outstanding contribution to Irish Music through the medium of Radio or Television’ at the Irish Post Music Awards 2018. He's won two awards for the Promotion of Irish Music.. Best Radio DJ' 2017 at PureM Awards and #2Best Radio DJ in the 2015 Hotpress Readers Poll. For over 2o yrs he presented the 'Irish Music Show' on WLR and the very successful ROLLED GOLD 70's and 80s.

Rory O Brien

10pm to 1am - Sat & Sun

Rory started broadcasting on his 11th birthday in Radio Sligo – a radio station operating from the upstairs of what is now ” The Happy Eater Takeaway” opposite the Railway station. After several years working in Radio Sligo Rory moved to 2FM. Rory has been on air for nearly 40 years and brings with him, his unique if not acerbic wit and a left of centre approach to broadcasting.